How It Works!

88hours is a fun, exciting, social sharing marketplace filled with products you’ll love. See a deal you like? Tell your Facebook friends about it. If you can get enough “likes” in 44 hours, you’ll make the deal go live. Then you and your friends have 44 more hours to buy into the incredible deal.


Step 1: Like it!

For 44 hours, you’ll have the chance to “like” the deal. (Come on, “like” it, you aren’t committed yet!) Just hit the Facebook “like” button.

Step 2: Share it!

Don’t be shy… go ahead and “share” this great deal with all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and anybody you can think of. If the deal gets enough “likes”, it will go live.

Step 3: Buy it!

Thanks to you, the deal is live! You have 44 hours to buy into this unbeatable deal before it sells out. So don’t wait!

Step 4: Love it!

You are the proud owner of an amazing product at an awesome price – what’s there not to love?

And Voila…88hours was born.

How did 88hours get started?

We are a deal-crazy bunch!  We love to find GREAT DEALS on cool products for ourselves and for all the special people in our lives.  And being competitive people, we’ve been known to BRAG about these deals…with just about everyone we know.

Given how good these deals have been, our friends have tolerated, no maybe even, LOVED our generosity!

Can you tell we’ve had a ton of fun with this?  So, that got us to thinking – how can we have even more fun, get our FRIENDS involved a lot more and even share this game with a lot more people?

Our Commitment

From the moment the 88hour countdown clock started ticking in 2012, we’ve been committed to getting you the best products at the sweetest prices.  We have some other promises, too…

Save Time! 

We save you time! We find the deals and bring them to you!

Find Great Products! 

We choose only products we would want to buy and we get them from fabulous manufacturers.

Have Fun!

We know one of the best parts of growing up was going to the mall with your    friends. Most of internet shopping can be far more lonely.  That’s why we   encourage you to share this with you friends. Not only do you tell them

the good news on these deals, but it brings back memories of your youth!  Plus, as soon as you “like it,” the more you “share it,” and the faster you can “buy it.”

Love it!

You will never be in the dark – we will keep you up to date from the minute you place your order until it arrives at your door.

Visit us often – we hope all our deals will DELIGHT you!